Non-DOT Testing

NON-DOT Drug Test
Laredo Anti-Doping Agency offers a wide variety of testing panels and specimen types for workplace testing. All of the following tests are approved for Workplace testing, and are all collected using strict protocols to ensure that the specimen tested has not been substituted, altered, or tampered with.


All of our Drug Tests Results can be evaluated by a Medical Review Officer (MRO). This is a Medical Doctor who is specially trained to evaluate a result, speak to the donor, verify any legal Prescriptions the donor may have. If the donor has a legal prescription that shows up on a test result, the MRO will report out the result as Negative. If the result is from usage that can NOT be verified as legal usage, the result will be Positive.

NON DOT drug screen certified lab.
$40.00$45.00min. 3 collections
NON DOT alcohol screen/confirmation EBT.$25.00$30.00 min. 3 collections
NON DOT physical.$60.00 

Emergency Services/After Hours.

$40.00/hr Plus exam fee 
Mobile Waiting Time(Mon-Fri: 8am to 5pm and scheduled before 4:30pm)$20.00/hr Plus exam fee 
NON DOT Random Program Setup
(Yearly charge).
per exam
Mileage: (Greater than 20 miles round trip).55¢ x mile 
NON DOT after hours at office.$30.00/hr. Plus exam fee